• South Carolina's Department of Education defines gifted and talented students as those who are identified in grades one through twelve as demonstrating high performance ability or potential in academic and/or artistic areas. These students require an educational program beyond what is normally provided by the general school program in order to achieve their potential.  


    In order to be identified as academically gifted and talented in South Carolina, students must have a composite aptitude (reasoning ability) score at or above the 96th national age percentile OR meet two out of three dimensions of eligibility: aptitude (reasoning ability), academic achievement, or intellectual/academic performance. If you would like to learn more about the different screeners Dorchester Two uses and when and to whom they are administered to determine state identified eligibility, click here

    For a student to be eligible to receive specialized services, a student must score at or above the 96th percentile total or composite score on a state-approved and nationally-normed reasoning abilities test OR the student must qualify in 2 of 3 dimensions. Outlined below are the different dimensions to determine eligibility (SC Regulation 43-220):

    Dimension A:  Reasoning Abilities - A score of 93% or higher on a reasoning ability test (i.e. OLSAT8 or CogAT) in the verbal, non-verbal or composite sections will partially qualify a student.  A student receiving a composite or total score of 96% or higher on one of these cognitive ability assessments automatically identifies them as academically gifted and talented in SC.

    Dimension B: Academic Achievement in Reading or Math – A score of 94% or higher in reading or math on a state approved academic achievement test can partially qualify a student. SC READY in reading or math and the Reading Inventory (RI) or Math Inventory (MI) serve as screeners throughout the year and can partially qualify a student.

    Dimension C: Intellectual/Academic Performance- The Performance Tasks Assessment (PTA) for 2nd through 5th grade students is administered by the state in spring of each year for students who have partially qualified in either Dimension A or Dimension B, but not both.  For rising 6th, 7th, and 8th graders a GPA of 3.75 or higher can partially qualify them in this dimension.

    *Private test results cannot be used to determine state GT eligibility, but the results may be used for the fall referral process.