• Hey everyone,

    Thanks for visiting the class webpage during this time. While we can't make music together at school, there is still tons of music progress that can happen.

     Please check your class pages from the tabs to the left to view your assignments through May 1st. Some of these assignments require your to watch/upload videos. Please let me know if you do not have internet access at home by having your parent send an email to jbohl@dorchester2.k12.sc.us. 

     We will be using Flip Grid to upload video assignments. Here is how to do it:

    1. Download the flip grid app for your iphone/android or visit flipgrid.com

    2. Enter the flipcode. 2A is bohl2020  2B is bohl2021

    3. Enter your student ID. This is the first letter of your first and last name, capitalized, followed by the number 20. ex. JB20

    4. You then click on the assigned topic.

    5. You will then record the video, hit the green arrow, take a selfie, hit the green arrow and fill out the info that follows, then submit/upload.

    6. Enjoy watching all of us play some beats.


    In addition to the Flip Grid assignments, we will be doing some music theory over the break using Breezing Thru Theory. These folks are very gracious to let us use their curriculum for free over the break. Here is how to access it:

    Username: btfun_545

    Password: bach165

    1. When you log in, capitalize your first and last name and choose the appropriate class period. Be sure to type your name the exact same way each time (no typos) or you will not see all of your results.

    2. Use Next Gen to complete your work

    3. Click submit after you complete a drill or you will not see your work.

    4. Use the Google Chrome browser for computers/android. Use Safari for ios. Don't zoom in on the screen

    5. See your class for exact assignments.

    6. You can contact me via Remind or District Email if you have questions.