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    Nov. 9 Message:

    Due to inclement weather from the tropical storm that is expected to impact our community, Friday, November 11, we will be implementing an eLearning Day in Dorchester School District Two. Our schools and district buildings will be closed and all after-school activities will be cancelled. Schools will communicate with families to share information. For more information about eLearning, visit https://www.ddtwo.org/elearning.


    Schedule for eLearning on November 11:

    • 9 a.m. - lessons and assignments must be posted
    • 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. – office hours
    • 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. will be lunch for students and teachers.
    • 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. – office hours
    • Note: Parents and students can contact teachers for help during teachers’ office hours via email or other district communication tools. Lessons will be asynchronous, which allows students to learn on their own schedule. Students are expected to complete assignments before they return to school on Monday, November 14.

    For more information on our inclement weather monitoring procedures, please visit our Inclement Weather Procedures web page. You can find this information on our district website at www.ddtwo.org.

    DDTwo is an SCDE approved eLearning district. The current provision allows the district to use up to five (5) days in eLearning. These days are for emergency situations, such as inclement weather or utility interruptions. 

    Dorchester Two will utilize eLearning protocol for emergency situations, such as inclement weather or utility interruptions. 

    To avoid breaks in the learning process, the use of eLearning days is less disruptive for families’ schedules since there are no make-up days to be implemented. eLearning days allow students to minimize the interruptions caused by bad weather days and continue to make educational progress.

    Students will have regular assigned classwork on eLearning Days, and their teachers will be available electronically. Students will be required to complete and submit all assignments as well as communicate with their teachers during the eLearning days.

    Teachers will be expected to make contact with students, track virtual attendance and be available to students during office hours.

    Need Tech Support? 

    • Contact your teacher to make him/her aware that you are having an issue.  
    • Cracked Screen? Spills? Device won't turn on? Contact your school's media/tech center to schedule a date/time to receive a loaner device.   
    • For ed tech issues,  click here  to receive assistance from our team of DD2 teachers who specialize in instructional technology support.  
    • For device support, contact Cantey Technology Student Support Desk at 843-896-0777. 
    • Access the Educational Technology Notebook for complete student and parent technology support information. 


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