• Literacy Folder Information

    This literacy folder is a part of the assigned daily homework. In this folder you will find a book, a speed drill list, and a reading log. Have your child follow the activities set below with your supervision at home. Please make sure to fill out the reading log and return the folder to school daily as students will use them during small group instruction.

    Monday: Echo Read the book with your child. Next, highlight the vocabulary words listed on the back of the book while reading. Then, have your child read the book to you independently. Finally, review the vocabulary words and speed-drill.

    Tuesday: Choral Read the book with your child. Next review any vocabulary words your child had struggled with on Monday. Then, have your child read the book to you independently.  Finally, practice the speed-drill.

    Wednesday: Independent Read have your child read the book to you independently. Next, review the vocabulary words and speed-drill list.  Then, complete the book response assigned for that day.

    Thursday: Independent Read have your child read the book to you independently. Next, give your child a practice spelling test on the vocabulary words listed on the back of this week’s book.  Then, check the spelling test and correct any misspelled words. Your child will be given a spelling test on Fridays in class on vocabulary words.

    *** Set activities will help your child improve fluency and achieve the end of  the year goal of reading DRA 18.  

    Echo Reading is the reading strategy in which the parent and student read aloud from the same text. The parent expressively reads a few words, a line or a sentence, while the student “tracks” or follows along using his/her finger. Then, the student immediately reads the same passage for fluency and expression practice.

    Choral Reading is a group (parent and student) reading a text aloud, at the same time, in order to develop fluency. Usually the parent sets the pace. Choral reading helps with the ability to read sight words and models correct language use and expression.