• 1F’s Day at a Glance

    6:50- 7:15Greet students at the door

    7:15-7:30Morning Meeting on carpet/ refer to chart for Good News/(take attendance & lunch)

    7:30-8:10Calendar & Math Whole Group/ Library on Monday @ 7:30-8:00

    8:10-8:50Math Centers & DI Rotations

    8:50-9:20Word Study


    9:50-10:20Whole Group Reading (Grade Level)

    10:20-11:20RI/ Reading Centers & DI Rotations

    11:25-11:50Lunch/ Stay with Students/ Take lunch card sheets

    11:50-12:35Science or Social Studies (ESOL)

    12:35-1:00Recess/ Stay with Students: Students may bring their snack outside

    1:05-1:45Fine Arts Rotation 1 Music/ Rotation 2 PE /Rotation 3 Art

    1:50-2:05 Read A louds

    2:05Distribute Folders & Prepare for Dismissal

    2:10-2:15Dismissal/Teacher walks students to each bus using the Transportation Tracker