• May

    The third distance learning packet drop-off is scheduled for Thursday, April 30th (7:30am – 11:00am and 1:00pm – 6:00pm).  (If there is a potential for bad weather this date will be changed)

    I can't believe it is already May!  Distance learning is continuing for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  Please email work or upload to MS Team (link in Clever) & log into Khan Academy too.  Grade are up to date in Power School with all distance learning work I have so far.  If you would like to make up work from 3rd quarter please contact me. I will be on MS Team Live Chat Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 to 10:30AM to answer question!  Stay safe and happy!    

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  • Apirl  

    Spring Break April 13 - 17.

    Send work to teachers via email or upload to Team when completed. 

    6th Grade Math Distance Learning Packet Weeks 3 & 4

    6th Grade Math Distance Learning Packet Weeks 5 & 6

    I hope to see you in May. 

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  • March 17 to 31

    6th Grade Math Work Packet March 17 to 31

    Assignments for Khan Academy.com On-Line Work (Unit 4 Dividing Fractions) are assigned due 3/31/2020.

    Students can access missing work through Unified Classroom(attachments to asignments). 

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  • March 9 - 13

    Homework 24

    Monday: Ratio Test Corrections (only a class set of test)

    Tuesday: Practice Order of Operations

    Wednesday: Computer Lab

    Thursday: Practice Order of Operations

    Friday:  Test - Prime Numbers, Prime Factorizations, LCM, GCF, exponents and Order o Operations

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  • Week of March 2 to 6

    Homework 23

    Monday: finish quiz from friday

    Tuesday: Exponent Notes

    Wednesday: Order of Operations Notes

    Thrusday: Order of Operation practice

    Friday: Homework Quiz 24

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  • Week of February 24 to 29

    Homework 22

    Monday: Return Work/Project - Practice LCM & GCF

    Tuesday: Computer Lab 312 - Benchmark Testing

    Wednesday: Practice LCM & GCF Word Problems

    Thursday: What is an exponents how is it used?

    Friday: Homework Quiz 22

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  • Week of February 18 to 21

    Homework 20

    Monday: No School

    Tuesday: Finish Test from Friday Percents and Ratios

    Wednesday: Review how to prime factorization

    Thursday: Computer Lab 312

    Friday: Homework Quiz 20

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  • February 10 to 14

    Homework 20

    Monday: Finish Homework Quiz 19 (started Friday 2/7), Percentage PROJECT, work on Extra Credit Percentage Practice due by Friday. 

    Tuesday: Review for Unit Test

    Wednesday: Computer Lab 312 - Last day in lab before Percentage Unit Work on Khan Academy is due

    Thursday: Begin Unit 4 Test

    Friday: Finish Unit 4 Test - Project Due - Khan Acadamey work Due

    MONDAY 2/17 No School

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  • Week of February 3 to 7 

    Homework 19

    Monday: Unit 3 Lesson 14 & 15

    Tuesday: Practice Understanding Percentage

    Wednesday: Computr Lab 312 Khan Academy work Due 2/14

    Thursday: Practice Prcentage of a Number

    Friday: Homework Quiz 19


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  • January 21 to 24

    Homework # 17

    Tuesday:  Finish Unit 2 Ratio Test, Notes What is a percentage.

    Wednesday:Computer Lab Khan Academy

    Thursday: Percentage with tape diagrams

    Friday: Practice working with percents. 


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  • January 13 to 17

    Homework 16

    Monday: Practice Graphing Equivlent Ratios

    Tuesday: Review Unit 2 Ratios

    Wednesday: Computer Lab 312

    Thursday: Unit 2 Ratio Test

    Friday - NO SCHOOL - Testcher Work Day

    Monday: NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Day

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  • Welcome Back - January 6 to 10

    Homework 15

    Monday and Tuesday student will be working on a mid unit progres check.

    Wednesday: Computer Lab 312

    Thursday: Notes on Tape Diagrams

    Friday: Notes Ratios Tables and graphs 


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  • December 16 to 20

    Homework #14

    Monday: Notes Unit 2 Lesson 12 - Ratios on tables

    Tuesday:  Notes Unit 2 Lesson 13 - Ratios and Double Number Lines

    Wednesday:  Computer Lab 312 - Finishing MI Testing and Khan Academy Ratio Work Due Friday. 

    Thursday: Ratio In-Class Project

    Friday: Turn in Ratio Porject

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  • Week of December 9 to 13

    Homework 13

    Monday: Practice Double Number Lines and Equivlent Ratios

    Tuesday:  Practice Double Number Lines and Equivlent Ratios

    Wednesday: Math Inventory Testing Computer lab 312

    Thursday: Unit 2 Lesson 11 - Equivlent Ratios on Tables Notes

    Friday: Homework Quiz 13


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  • Week of December 2 to 6

    Homework 12

    Monday: Unit 2 Lesson 8 

    Tuesday: Extra Credit Work Sheets. 

    Wednesday: Computer Lab

    Thursday: Practice Ratios

    Friday: Mid-Unit 2 TEST - Lessons 1-7


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  • Week of November 25

    Students need to complete all geometry assignments on Khan Academy before 11/29 - this was assigned 10/30.  Ratio work was assigned 11/25 due 12/20. 

    Mid Unit 2 Ratio Test on December 6. 

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  • Week of November 18 to 22

    Homework 11

    Monday: Unit 1 Geometry Test Corrections (15 min); Notes on ratios

    Tuesday: Notes Unit 2 Lesson 5 Equivalent Ratios

    Wednesday: Notes Unit 2 Lesson 6 Double Line Graph with Equivalent Ratios

    Thursday: Unit 2 Lesson 7 Creating Double Line Graphs

    Friday: HOMEWORK QUIZ; Practice Equivalent Ratios on double line graph. 

    Mustang Minuets Friday - Modified Schedule.

    Khan Academy Work Completed online by 11/29. 

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  • Weekend Update: November 15 students recived the results for the "Unit 1 Geomety Test" in class today.  Students may do test correction; on a seprate sheet of paper copy the question missed, solve it correctly (Showing every step.) or explain thinking to get the correct answer.  Staple the correction to the test, place test with corrections attached under the giant paper clip (paper weight) on my desk. Tuesday Court Yard Tutoring I will answer any question about the test or correction.  ALL corrections are due by November 22.  Have a great weekend!  

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  • Week of November 11 to 15

    Homework Week 10

    Monday Computer Lab 312 finishing 1st Quarter Benchmark. 

    Tuesday Unit 1 Geomoetyr Test. Review sheet went home Friday.  Signed, compleated and in class tuesday will garentee 10 extra points on the test. 

    Wednesday Begin Unit 2 Ratios - Lesson 1 Unit 2 - Intro to Ratios and Ratio Language

    Thursday Lesson 2 Unit 2 - Representing Ratios with a diagram

    Friday NO HOMEWORK QUIZ Lesson 3 Unit 2 - Equivelent Ratios

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  • Unit 1 Geometry Test Review

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  • Week of November 4 to 8

    Homework 9

    Unit 1 Test will be Tuesday, November 12. Study guide will go home Friday. 

    Monday: 3D shape vocabulary/identification.

    Tuesday: Finding Surface Area

    Wednesday: Benchmark Testing in Computer Lab

    Thursday: Practice Solving Surface Area

    Friday:  Homework Quiz 9 (open binder)

    Khan Academy Assignments are to be compleated by November 27. 

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  • Week of October 28 to November 1

    Nightly Homework Week 8

    Monday: What is Surface Area? Notes

    Tuesday: What are Polyhedra? Notes

    Wednesday: Computer Lab 312

    Thursday:  Nets and Surface Area Notes 

    Friday: Homework Quiz 8 

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  • Week of October 21 to 25

    Homework 7

    Monday Students did corrections in on the second Mid Unit 1 Test.

    Tuesday Notes on Lesson 11 "Polygons"

    Wednesday Computer Lab 312

    Thursday Finish Notes on lesson 11 and begin Lesson 12 "What is surface area"

    Friday Homework Quiz 7 Finish notes on lesson 12. 

    Report Cards come out on October 30, please check power school for current grades. 

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  • Week of October 14 to 17

    Nightly Homework 6.  


    Monday: Lesson 9 Notes from Open Up Resources. 

    Tuesday: Lesson 10 Notes from Open Up Resources.

    Wednesday: computer lab 312 - Khan Academy lessons - can finish at home.

    Thursday: 2nd Mid-Unit 1 Test & Spooky House Project Due

    Friday: No School


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  • Week of Oct 7 to Oct 11

    October 7 "Spooky House Design" project was sent home. Due October 17.

    Tuesday Math Courty Yard Tutoring

    Wednesday Computer lab working on Kahn Acadmey Lessons Due on or before October 17. 

    Firday Homework Quiz 5

    This weeks Homework 5.

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  • Week of September 30 to October 4

    Students will be practiceing finding area and creating the formula for finding the area of triangles this week.

    NightlyHomework week 4

    Tuesday - Math Court Yard Tutoring

    Wednesday - Computer Lab 312 (APEX Area Tutorial Due).

    Friday - Homework Quiz #4

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  • Week of September 23-27

    This week students will be creating and use the area formula for parallelograms. Nightly homework review. Homework 3

    Tuesday (9/24) Math Tutoring during Coury Yard

    Wedensday (9/25) Computer Lab Day Finisheing Area APEX 

    Friday (9/27) Mid-Test covering Unit 1 Lessons 1-6  openupresources.com

     Khan Academy: Khan Academy Videos This is a free resource with topic by topic explanations – there are videos and practice problems for each topic we will cover this year.

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  • Week of September 16-20

    Students are leaning how to find the area of a parallogram, this is Unit 1 Lessons 4 and 5 on openupresources.org Homework Quiz on Friday, September 20.

    Nightly homework for this week  Homework Sep 16-20

    Wednesday (9/18) students began APEX Learning - the guided notes for "Geomerty- Area" will be due October 2.

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