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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • Introduction to Manufacturing 6045


    Craig Pelletier

    Summerville High School                              



    Course Description: 

    Introduction to Manufacturing Technology is an entry-level course that provides students an introduction to manufacturing industries and may be used as a prerequisite for any of the manufacturing career majors: Electronics Technology, Machine Technology, Mechatronics Integrated Technologies, Metal Fabrication, and Welding. All standards except those in the careers unit come from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council’s (MSSC) “worker” standards in two* of its identified four critical work functions of production: Safety*, Quality Practices and Measurement*, Manufacturing Processes and Production, and Maintenance Awareness. Worker standards are the basic knowledge and skills required by a mid-level production technician to perform the work. www.msscusa.org

    Course Credit: One Carnegie unit


    Assessment Plan

    Grade Weights

    Written Assignments and Documentation Completion


    Lab Projects


    Tests / Quizzes


    Employability (Soft Skills)




    Grading Procedures         :


    • Parents can access grades through the parent portal of Power School.
    • Report cards and progress/interim reports will be issued based upon the district calendar.
    • Final Exam will be at end of Course and is weighted at 20%.
    • A zero will be entered in the gradebook if an assignment is not completed by the due date. Late work is accepted but an additional -10 pts. deducted for each day late.
    • Most assignments and tests are online. So students can keep up with their workload by following our class webpage for assignment due dates and completing the assignment online when absent or behind.

    Intro To Manufacturing Student Expectations

    1. Practice Safety
    2. Practice Soft Skills
    3. Complete all classwork and assignments
    4. Follow all district and SHS policies and rules
    5. No Cell Phones


    1st Offense

    Verbal Warning

    2nd Offense

    Student / Teacher Conference (Before / After School, Beginning of ILT) no show 3rd Offense

    3rd Offense

    Phone Call to Parent / Guardian

    4th Offense

    Referral to Administration






    • Office Hours are available each week during ILT for students to contact the teacher. Office hours are available when the student is at home (via email or Edmodo).


    Student Name:

    Parent Signature:


    Parent Phone Number

    Parent Email: