Gifted and Talented Education Program

  • The mission of the GATE program is to maximize and foster the learning potential of gifted and talented students through a specialized curriculum that is responsive to individual learning strengths and styles. Caine and Caine (1991) state that “intelligence is fluid, not fixed; thus, it is important to provide students with rich learning experiences.” With this concept in mind, Dorchester Two’s GATE curriculum offers opportunities for critical and creative thinking while creating a learning atmosphere that encourages and promotes intellectual growth, inquiry, and problem solving. Moreover, the GATE program is designed to stimulate and challenge the academically gifted and talented learner through a differentiated teaching approach by incorporating the state curriculum standards and state gifted curriculum goals through enrichment and acceleration of content.


Program Description

  • In accordance with the regulations stated in the South Carolina Department of Education.




    Grades 3 & 4

    Content-based; GATE Math & English/Language Art

    *content/curriculum enrichment


    Grades 6 & 7

    Content-based; GATE Math & English/Language Arts *classes are accelerated by one year

    Science & Social Studies *content/curriculum enrichment

    Offers selected honors courses. See high school guides for information.

    Grade 5

    Content-based; GATE Math GATE Math & English/Language Arts 

    *classes are accelerated by one year

    Grade 8

    Content-based; Advanced GT and Honors Math & English/Language Arts      
    *classes are accelerated by one year
    Science & Social Studies  *content/curriculum enrichment




Contact Information

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