• English 3 CP/H

    The objectives of this course include developing students’ understanding of the history and cultural progress of America through literature conveying the perceptions and experiences.



  • English 3 CP Syllabus

    Here is a copy of the syllabus given to you in class this week. English 3 CP Syllabus

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  • English 3 H Syllabus

    Here is the copy of the syllabus given in class this week. English 3 H Syllabus

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  • Class Supply List


    English 3 CP/H

    All students will need the following items in order to be successful:

    • Three-Subject Spiral Notebook or two one-subject spiral notebooks
    • Number 2 pencils
    • Black or blue ink pens
    • Multi-pack colored ink pens
    • Highlighters (multiple colors)
    • Plug-in ear buds (for computer lab days)

    The following are items that we use frequently as a group. Donations are greatly appreciated!

    • Kleenex
    • Hand Sanitizer
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