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Mrs. Chrissy Fortner

WOW!  What an amazing start to the new school year we have already had in 4th grade!  I am excited beyond measure about all of the possibilities I will have with your children as we embark on a new adventure together!  We know how important it is going to be to have a fluid yet rigorous curriculum and overall academic experience for all of our Beacons!  As a fourth grade team, we plan to create an environment so full of fun and excitement that these kiddos climb even higher mountains than imagined. 

A little bit about Mrs. Fortner… this is my seventh year at The Beech, and I love it more and more every year!  This marks my 16th year in education, and I must admit I am very excited about the possibilities this year with your fantastic children.  A SC native, I was thrilled to land on the shore of Beech Hill Elementary seven years ago.  My two children (Christian, 11th grade and Caitlyn, 7th grade) are both awesome examples of how Beech Hill can shape a child into independent thinkers with nurturing hearts.  Once a Beech Hill parent myself, I appreciate the mission that we have to help build strong beacons for the 21st Century.  We need strong, self-directed learners who are full of compassion and drive, and I am certainly blessed about being a part of their journey this year! 

Thank you for taking a moment to hear just a little bit about my vision for this year with your children.  


Mrs. Fortner