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  • In addition to the curbside meal service program extension, the meals being served in schools are provided to all children, ages 18 and younger, without charge, until further notice. The prices below are a reflection of what the prices would be during a typical school year.

    Meal Prices


    Breakfast/Reduced price:   $1.45/.30

    Lunch/Reduced price:        $2.35/.40

    Middle and High

    Breakfast/Reduced price:   $1.45/.30

    Lunch/Reduced price:        $2.45/.40


    Breakfast:                           $2.55

    Lunch:                                $5.00


    Payment Methods 

    • PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS There are several payment plan options available for purchasing school meals. Cash, checks, or credit/debit cards are accepted at each school cafeteria. Prepayments are encouraged and may be made at the school cafeteria or online through My School Bucks .

    Charging (credit)

    There will be NO charging. In emergency situations, parents must contact the school in order to develop an appropriate payment plan. South Carolina law does not require the district to provide a meal without proper payment.

Dorchester District 2 Food & Nutrition Services


    Good nutrition goes hand-in-hand with education. Dorchester School District Two is partnered with Sodexo School Food Services. Our mission is to provide a high-quality, nutritionally sound, food service program that supports lifelong student learning.