Flowertown Elementary School

BEE-ing the best we can be begins with me!

BEE-ing the best we can be begins with me!

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    Flowertown Elementary School (FES) was built in 1979 as a K-2 school that fed into Newington (right next door), which housed grades 3-5. In 1997, all elementary schools in Dorchester District Two went to a K-5 grade configuration. FES was built to conserve energy –which is why there are no windows and a sleek design. Each classroom surrounds a “pod”, which creates a cozy atmosphere for learning. Today our "pods" are used for computer labs. We have just under 1000 "busy bees" in our hive and have approximately 115 staff members. 

    Our Mission

    Flowertown Elementary School is dedicated to maintaining a safe, caring, and healthy learning environment as we strive to become a community of lifelong learners.  We are committed to creating positive, supportive relationships and providing 21st century learning opportunities where every student is empowered to perform at their personal best and become a productive citizen.

    Our Vision

    Fostering a love of learning; Engaging all students; Serving as a center of excellence

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