DMS Counseling Department Mission Statement: To provide direct and in-direct services in person and virtually that enable students to realize their full potential emotionally, socially and academically. 

    DMS Counseling Vision Statement: To empower all students to reach their maximum potential by using the ASCA model and Social Emotional Mental Health Support platforms to provide academic, personal/social and career goals. 


    Rising 9th Grade Individual Graduation Plan Meeting Information 


    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    The DuBose Middle School Counseling Department is beginning to plan and coordinate individual conferences with our rising freshman students. During the conference, your child's academic record and Individual Graduation Plan will be reviewed to reassure he/she is on track for promotion and graduation. Additional information will also be discussed, so that we can assist your child in pursuing his/her future endeavors. The conferences are scheduled in advance and should last approximately 30 minutes. However, should you need additional time, another appointment may be scheduled. Your participation in your child's education is always appreciated.

    The deadline for signing up your student is January 6, 2023. The School Counseling Department will schedule an appointment time for students who have not made their appointment by the January 6th deadline.

    Below, please find your child’s last name then follow the link to schedule your appointment:


    Last name beginning with: A - Clark and students with additional academic support  - Ms. Brown https://calendly.com/ayibrown/30min

    Last name beginning with Cole – Jenkins  - Mr. Gill https://calendly.com/matgil1/8th-grade-igp-s-gill

    Last name beginning with Jiles – Ramirez Arreaga  - Ms. Hudson https://calendly.com/stehudson/8th-grade-igp-s

    Last name beginning with Ramirez – Young  - Ms. Klim https://calendly.com/slanneauklim/30min










    DMS Counselor Lesson Topics:


    6th Grade - Counselor Introduction and Tips for a Successful School Year


    7th Grade - Responsible Decision-Making

    8th Grade - School Year Success: Self-Management & Responsible Decision-Making


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